4. Dirt on Steel 3.jpg


Stencil: MDF
Material: Soil
Substrate: Steel outdoor box
Duration: Less than 10 minutes
Word: idag (Swedish word for Today)
Font: Ivar Nostalgi Stencil
Date: 20th February

Using the same idag stencil from before, I walked outside with several materials. One was a bag of soil that had been in a bag at my desk for a few weeks. Considering this was in February in Sweden, the soil was a lot warmer than the outdoor steel box I placed the stencil on top of.

Having accidentally put too much soil onto the top of the stencil, when I removed the stencil it was almost completely illegible. Considering it a lost cause, I swept away all the soil, only to discover that the heat of the soil had left a tag on the soil that lasted less than ten minutes.